Testimonials from the Washington Dance Studio Family

Inspiring young dancers to excel

If you are looking for the perfect place to begin your child’s dance education, Washington Dance Studio is the place. Our WDS experience began eighteen years ago when our oldest daughter started her first class. Her little sister has followed in her footsteps. Through dance, our daughters have learned to be poised, confident, and graceful young women. WDS teachers develop special connections with their students and inspire young dancers to excel not only in dance but in life. We feel blessed that our daughters have been part of the Washington Dance Studio family.

— Mary Kris & Derrick Roberson

Washington Dance Studio is where my daughter discovered her love for dance...

The professional staff and management of Washington Dance Studio provide a positive, nurturing and motivating learning environment with a family atmosphere for young dancers to develop talents and self-confidence, find their passion, grow individually, and follow their dreams of dancing.

Not only does this studio teach the art of dance, [but] the talented, experienced, and knowledgeable staff [also] provide dance education and exposure to many genres of the art through multiple classes offered during the school year and summer seminars.

Both dance companies are well prepared as they perform at the annual competition and consistently receive an invitation to attend national competitions.

The annual holiday performance and spring recital draw family members and friends who travel hundreds of miles to see the annual extravaganza! By the end of the dance year, my daughter is bursting with excitement and confidence to perform for recital, and as the curtain closes after the finale, this excitement turns to tears of joy and sadness that another year has come to an end. But hats off to her dance teachers and fellow dancers for another amazing year of dance! Classes for the dance companies start in the heat of the summer, and she is overjoyed to dance with her teammates again.

My daughter has danced at Washington Dance Studio for the past eight years, and this is where she discovered her love for dance. It has been one of the most empowering opportunities she has experienced.

— Cheryl Grice